Sunday, October 26, 2014

Here's Tips For Hair-Free Skin

Not denied, the existence of feathers on the skin are often considered to reduce beauty. Treatment to remove the hair or body hair in order to look more beautiful indeed legitimate done.

However, how safe is hair-free skin should be accompanied by a secure method. Therefore, instead of hair-free skin, choose the wrong method can actually make skin discolorations, and even infection.

The presence of hair on the human body itself is not without function. Nose hair, for example, acts as a filter so that the dirt does not enter the airway while breathing air. Unfortunately, many people, women in particular do not like the presence of hair on certain body parts. Therefore, they were busy to look for the type of treatment for hair removal, whether that is in the body such as whiskers, under the arm (axillary), legs, hands, and local genital organs.

In medicine, there are two types of hair removal methods, namely through hair removal procedures (such as waxing or using hair removal cream), and hair reduction. Although it can be applied on all types of hair, waxing method is not recommended. Because, in addition to the pain that will come, the result of this method is also not permanent.

Waxing is considered more dangerous. There are some people who are allergic to waxing materials. The indication range from reddened skin due to irritation, itching, until the infection. Even waxing also led inground hair, the hair that grows into the skin, causing pain and swelling.

While hair reduction is done by reducing the feathers gradually. This method is more popular because it is convenient and procedures are considered more secure. There are two kinds of ways, using tools IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and lasers. For laser, this method has been widely abandoned because discomfort, more pain, and a low rate of success.

IPL itself is a popular way and is considered appropriate. Therefore, tools that work with the heat energy is considered to be more selective on the substance melanin is located at the tip of the hair follicle and will not hurt the other regions. While the long process depends on the amount of hair removed area, the following character everyone hair is different.

However, please keep in mind, IPL hair only serves to reduce, not eliminate. Hair follicles that had large, will gradually shrink. As a result, the hair will look lost at first glance, even though only reduced.

Choosing a safe clinic

We have to be careful choosing care clinic. Instead, make sure the method used (hair removal or hair reduction). Also, choose a clinic that is handled by professional doctors. Because, if the operator is not careful and do not understand the proper dosage when applying the tool, the risk of skin redness, discolorations, and aesthetically beautiful.

As a condition safe way hair-free skin, the patient should not be suffering from a skin disorder, infection, or exposure to the virus. In addition, patients are required to adhere to its SOP. For example, should not be exposed to sunlight and so forth. However, for those who are not sure to follow the hair removal treatments, treating hair on the body to keep them clean and moist is enough.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

6 Secret beauty hidden in turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that is most often used in curry dishes. Apparently, the orange powder also save a lot of benefits for the skin and hair beauty. Curious? Here are six secrets hidden beauty in turmeric, according Mag For Women.
  1. Inhibit the aging process
  2. Turmeric is known to have properties that can help in delaying the appearance of signs of aging. Mix a few tablespoons of turmeric with a little water. Stir to form a paste. Apply to face, neck and arms. When it dries, rub the skin gently in a circular motion, then wipe the rest with warm water. Do this regularly to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and to make the skin always look younger.
  3. Reduce acne
  4. Because it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, turmeric may help to fight acne. It also can control oil secretion on the skin and reduce acne scars. Mix a little turmeric powder, sandalwood powder and a little lemon juice. Apply the mask to the entire face and let it dry. Then wash your face with cold water.
  5. Brighten skin tone
  6. Turmeric can even out skin tone and give the effect of light on the skin. This is the reason why turmeric is often used in a variety of marriage customs in South Asia, which is generally done before the day of the wedding, so the bride's skin looks more beautiful and bright. Include turmeric in your facial mask to lighten the color of your skin.
  7. Curing skin discolorations caused by the sun
  8. Mix turmeric with cucumber juice and apply liberally to the affected area to sun exposure. Massage simultaneously to provide a relaxing effect. Leave it there for about half an hour before rinsing. Do this treatment regularly to cool the skin and reduce skin discolorations.
  9. Removing dead skin cells
  10. Mix raw milk, tomato juice, rice flour and turmeric powder. Mix well to form a paste. This natural mask can help you peel off dead skin cells. This mask can also help to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the skin.
  11. Reduce dandruff
  12. Mix a few drops of olive oil and turmeric powder. Use to massage the scalp. Let stand for one hour before shampooing. This treatment can help to deliver nutrients to the hair roots and also quite effective in reducing dandruff. Turmeric also has properties that can help in improving hair growth and improve the condition of the hair follicles, thus reducing the likelihood of hair loss.
Here are six benefits of turmeric for the beauty of your body. Happy trying on the house!